Dog Who Loves Water Is Caught On Camera Going For A Secret Dip In The Family's Pool

Dog Who Loves Water Is Caught On Camera Going For A Secret Dip In The Family's Pool

Elliot, a German Shepherd Dog, has always loved the water. The dog's favorite thing to do is to go for a swim with his family.

A lot of dogs love water and some dogs love the pool. This dog loves swimming so much, that whenever the family decides to take a dip in their above-ground pool, Elliot will cry, wanting to join in.

"He would whine until we picked him up and put him in with us," Abigail Rose, Elliot's owner, said. However, as it turns out, Elliot loves the water so much that he doesn't even need the company of his humans to enjoy it!

Elliot's family never thought that their dog would be capable of climbing into the pool on his own since he has always asked for their help. But they soon found out otherwise.

When letting Elliot outside for a potty break recently, Rose caught the clever German Shepherd Dog in the act. "We didn't realize he could climb the front of the ladder!" she said.

Elliot decided he couldn't wait for his family to take him swimming. He had dog priorities to attend to.

"I was laughing," Rose said. "I figured he would like to go swimming with us, but I never thought he would be able to climb a ladder, ever!"

Luckily, Elliot is an excellent swimmer, and the smart dog knows how to get out of the pool on his own. So, his family isn't too worried about his safety, although they are never far away, just in case.

"I definitely feel like he’s safe," Rose said. "We never have him outside when we leave the house, so I’m not too worried about that."

Rose says Elliot will always be invited to join them at swim time.

"He's like our child," she said. "He soaks it all up!"